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How We Provide Compassionate Care

Whether you’re new to ABA and autism treatment or you’ve experienced ABA services elsewhere, we make the process as uncomplicated, informative and transparent as possible. We start with a tour of our therapy centers to familiarize you with our environment and team. Once you decide to move forward, we’ll schedule a two-hour functional behavior assessment (FBA) with you and your child. We use this time to gather in-depth observations from you while we interact with your child to assess their needs. As a result of this collaborative and comprehensive approach, we’ll create a behavior treatment plan as unique as your child.

Depending on medical needs, autism treatment, and in consultation with caregivers and other healthcare providers, we’ll either recommend an intensive full-day, a focused half-day or a slow integration therapy plan. All plans offer therapy Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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Full Day Plan

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Half-Day Plan

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Slow Integration Plan

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Progress Reports

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Care Coordination

Why Early Intervention

“When early intervention is delayed, it takes four times as long to intervene in fourth grade as it does in late kindergarten because of brain development, and because of the increase in content for students to learn as they grow older.”

– National Institute of Child Health and Human Development​

Bright Behavior Inc. solely provides early intervention ABA therapy and autism treatment to children ages 2-7. ABA is considered the gold standard for children diagnosed with autism and is proven to be beneficial for any child experiencing developmental delays. Treating early learners, when their brains are still developing allows ABA to have a profound effect on children’s learning capacity and a greater chance of them developing to their full potential. 

In fact, recent guidelines encourage intervention and treatment as soon as behavioral disorders or delays are displayed, suspected, or diagnosed. Research demonstrates that early diagnosis and intervention has long-lasting positive effects on symptoms and subsequent skill development. The gains our patients make, especially our 2 year old patients, have lifechanging positive impacts.  

Bright Behavior, Inc.’s early intervention programs include:

  • Family education
  • Language development and communication
  • Potty training
  • Feeding programs
  • Play skills
  • Self-help and safety skills
  • School readiness

One of the most promising and positive outcomes of early intervention is that some children diagnosed with autism who are diagnosed and then treated while young progress to the extent that they may be removed from the autism spectrum as they age. 

Note about translation services:

We offer Spanish translation services provided by Bright Behavior, Inc. staff, upon request and availability, across locations during intake and in communications with caregivers. Direct service delivery to patients in Spanish may be offered as requested based on staff availability and service location. All other requests for translation services in other languages will be accommodated to the best of the organization’s ability. Caregivers are encouraged to reach out to insurance providers in regard to provision of insurer-provided translation services.

Ofrecemos servicios de traducción al español proporcionados por el personal de BrightPath Behavior, previa solicitud y disponibilidad, durante la admisión y en las comunicaciones con los cuidadores. Se puede ofrecer la prestación de servicios directos a pacientes en español según lo solicitado según la disponibilidad del personal y la ubicación del servicio. Todas las demás solicitudes de servicios de traducción en otros idiomas se atenderán lo mejor que pueda la organización. Se alienta a los cuidadores a comunicarse con los proveedores de seguros con respecto a la prestación de servicios de traducción proporcionados por las aseguradoras.

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